Knowledge Management, The Intelligent way. πŸ€–

Keep your customer-facing teams up-to-date, consistent, and confident with trusted knowledge that’s accessible in every application they use.

πŸ€‘ Sales

Close deals 65% faster by providing relevant knowledge in reps workflow

πŸ† Customer Support

Improved customer satisfaction with by reducing time of response

πŸŽ‰ Marketing

Improved customer experience with consistent messaging by providing marketing assets directly in the apps they are working in.

Your Workplace

Maintain and share knowledge to everyone in your workplace.

πŸŽ“ Organize Knowledge for your Team based on Buyer journey

Segment and Divide content in boards based on team's unique set up.

πŸ˜ƒ Consumable Bit-size Knowledge from your Complex and Long Documents

Learn and Train using data from Different Data Sources such as FAQ URLs, structured documents, product manuals or editorial content in minutes.

Integrations with Your Favourite Platforms

Ease of knowledge in your workflow.

Do you really need me in your team?

❓ Does most of your tickets and mails contains repeated questions?

❓ Is your current knowledge base unable to answer your 100 most frequently asked questions from customers?

❓ Do your knowledge articles & documents are not helpful when you need help on call or in-meeting?

❓ Does it take longer than 8 seconds to your team to answer to a simple question?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, you need to optimize your knowledge base content.
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